Unshelved Guest Strip

Hello!  To any of you that wandered over here from the wonderful Unshelved webcomic - welcome!  Here at the Fizzmont Institute of Rad Science, I work in the Auxiliary Imaging Division.  That means I try to visually capture the various experiments that go on here.  My first book depicting the unbelievable experiment that Dr Leo Geo undertook was just released:

There's a really nice review of my book that you can read here at wired.com.  This book is great for kids that love science, or look-and-find books, or monsters, or RAD-VENTURES!  The structure and format of the book are also really important to me.  I am very inspired by book artists (especially Julie Chen), and strive to create not only an interesting story, but also an interesting object that the reader can interact with beyond simply reading words.

I also recently did a guest strip for the Unshelved webcomic that you can read HERE.

You can pick up the book HERE!

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