By any other name...

Hello my science minions!  I recently took a trip to my hometown of Essex Junction, Vermont for Memorial Day weekend and the Memorial Day parade!  Parades are awesome, there's no getting around it!  I'm trying to get the Fizzmont Institute Coalition for Floats, Goats, and Moats to work parades into their jurisdiction (currently the "floats" are of the root beer variety!)  While I was in town I stopped in at my old library, the Brownell Library, and was endeared to find a copy of my book in the collection.  I was surprised with how it was filed under, and since then have been collecting the different call signs that Leo Geo is listed under.

JGN CHAD, J.                             J GRAPHIC GN FIC C
JGN CHA                                    J741.5973 C3446L 2012
J 741.5 CHA                                J CHAD
JNF 741.5 CHA                          JGR CHA
JF Chad                                       xz

I'm just nerding out about all the different ways people are classifying the book!  My favorite is the one with all the numbers that looks like some sort of secret code!


Happy Readers!

Hello!  I finally feel like I am out of the weeds here at the Fizzmont Auxiliary Division.  Convention season is slowing down and I'm starting to get into the flow of summer.  There are some big things planned here at Jon Chad HQ.  I'm working on a new Leo Geo book (!!!), a secret minicomic project, and getting back into the saddle with Bikeman thumbnails!

The conventions have been a blast!  Thanks to everyone that came out to the monster drawing workshop this past weekend in Maine!  I had a great time!  Seeing kids' reaction to my book and getting to talk to them has been a real joy.  Here are some of those happy readers from MOCCA and MeCAF!

I've heard that the first printing of Leo Geo is quickly evaporating, and that a second printing is on its way from the book mines!  How exciting!  I've got more to share, but I'll pace it out!  Have a great weekend!


MECAF Leo Geo Event!

Hello!  I hope everyone has been enjoying their May, thus far!  The Fizzmont Institute has been sending me hither and yon for all sorts of events.  Dr. Leo Geo has been away to experiment on the intensity of different hot sauces, so he hasn't been able to talk at any of the events that have been happening at the fine comics events like TCAF or MOCCA.  Well, it seems as if Projecto Muy Caliente is going to continue for at least another month or so, so Dr. Geo won't be able to make it to the event that is happening THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend, at the Maine Comics Art Festival (MECAF) yours truly will be attending with a vanguard of cartoonists from the Center for Cartoon Studies (including some of the AMAZING graduates from the recent class of 2012!).  While the GREAT comics that are always at MECAF should be reason enough to go, there are going to be 2 great programs that you won't want to miss!


1:00 PM- The Center for Cartoon Studies One Sheet Workshop
CCS faculty member Jon Chad and CCS Senior Sophie Goldstein present a CCS tradition: the One Sheet Workshop!  Learn how easy it is to make an eight-page comic without staples or glue!  The only thing that participants need to bring is their imagination.  Everyone will leave with a handmade comic!

2:00 PM-Monster Alert!  Junior Cartoonists Needed!
The Fizzmont Institute of Rad Science is looking for young, excited cartoonists that can draw ferocious monsters and deadly dwellers of the deep!  Our famed scientist, Leo Geo, has gone missing on his experiment to the center of the earth, and we need help drawing the monsters that might have taken him!  Join Jon Chad, from the Center for Cartoon Studies, as he leads a monster drawing session and an interactive reading from his new book, Leo Geo.

There you have it!  Two GREAT reasons to show up at MECAF!  Think of it as your duty to science!  Naturally, I will have copies of Leo Geo in tow, and I'm looking for young go-getters who are ready to throw their weight in the ring, for SCIENCE!



Hello test subjec...er...I mean friends!  This has been a BEYOND busy week for yours truly here at the Fizzmont Institute!  MoCCA and NYC were a blast!  Thanks to everyone that came out!  The fun just keeps on rolling with TCAF in Toronto this weekend (!!?!)

I am going to be tabling with the infinitely talented Laura Terry, the gorgeously rad Julie Delporte, and the enamoring Josh Rosen.  Whew!  What a lineup!  Our table is RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE, so you don't even need a map to RAD-ventures!

I'm also going to be doing a workshop this weekend that incorporates a talk on Leo Geo, a reading, different types of unfolding comics, and how to make your own unfolding comic!

SAT: 4:00pm-4:45pm: Facts, Fiction, and Unfolding Comics (Upstairs Kids Programming room)
If you thought that there was only one way to read a book, think again!  Jon Chad (Leo Geo) will talk about different kinds of books, incorporating science into comics, and how to make your own expanding comic!  Everyone will leave with their own handmade comic!

This is the last program of the day, so stop on by before we close shop!  Sorry for such a hasty post, but science waits for NO ONE, and...er...I think I left the model of Mt Rushmore that I made out of peeps in the Fizzmont Microwave Studies Suite.  It should be fine, right?