By any other name...

Hello my science minions!  I recently took a trip to my hometown of Essex Junction, Vermont for Memorial Day weekend and the Memorial Day parade!  Parades are awesome, there's no getting around it!  I'm trying to get the Fizzmont Institute Coalition for Floats, Goats, and Moats to work parades into their jurisdiction (currently the "floats" are of the root beer variety!)  While I was in town I stopped in at my old library, the Brownell Library, and was endeared to find a copy of my book in the collection.  I was surprised with how it was filed under, and since then have been collecting the different call signs that Leo Geo is listed under.

JGN CHAD, J.                             J GRAPHIC GN FIC C
JGN CHA                                    J741.5973 C3446L 2012
J 741.5 CHA                                J CHAD
JNF 741.5 CHA                          JGR CHA
JF Chad                                       xz

I'm just nerding out about all the different ways people are classifying the book!  My favorite is the one with all the numbers that looks like some sort of secret code!

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