Ahhhh, another week, another post.  Actually, I don't think I posted last week!  OH GEEZ!  That's ridiculous 'cause I have a folder on my desktop FULL of sketches that I've colored.  So, what I'm basically saying is that I don't have the time to take said images and post them.  MAN, I'M SLIPPING! 

Well, here's a robot and his master.  I was trying to keep a limited color palette, but I think I went WAY overboard and these two look too matchy-matchy.  Also, that yellow belt buckle is standing out like crazy.

Things have been pretty busy here at Jon Chad HQ, but not the normal, business-as-usual craziness.  I've been getting some dummy books together for new Leo Geo ideas, and I've been having an absolute ball!

In other news, my editor from Roaring Brook, Deirdre, just had a book that she worked on, Bomb: The Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon, win THREE ALA awards, including a Newbury Honor Medal and the Robert F. Sibert medal!  Leo Geo 1 and 2 WOULD NOT be the books they are WITHOUT HERI cannot stress this enough.  She has been a tremendous help to me, and I'm beyond happy for her!