Adventure Time Finds

Ahhhhhh, we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel here at Jon Chad HQ, and no, we aren't referring to the pale flicker of light that reflects off the tear in our eye.  Now that I'm getting my life back in order from crazy-go-nuts-finish-a-book-in-a-month month 2012, I can get to things that I've been criminally neglecting.  They include, but are not limited to:

-Posting on the DTZ Blog
-Posting on the Stern Blog
-Posting HERE!
-Getting back to drawing Bikeman!
-Cleaning out/organizing my computer

I know that I'm in a buttload of trouble from the Fizzmont Correspondence Negligence Coalition, but they'll just have to simmer down while I wrap up a few last things on Leo Geo 2.  I'm not ready to call it yet, but we're getting suuuuuper close.  In the mean time, I've dug up some odds and ends from when I was working on the Adventure Time Minicomic, including some fanart of one of my favorite characters from Adventure Time.  If I get to do another one of the minicomics I will, without hesitation, do it about Xerigok.  LINE UP FER YER SPANKINS, GOBLINSS!

When I was signing the Adventure Time minis I did at Comic Con, I would rotate between doing sketches of Finn, BMO, Choose Goose, and Xerigok.  If someone could recognize Xerigok, they were in my special super-duper cool club.
Oh, and here are some sketches for covers before I settled on the final one.



I know that I'm putting off recapping on SDCC (that happened LAST MONTH, ugh), but I have a couple of robots that I sketched while I was at the SCAD table.  I LOVE ROBOTS!!  Let me draw something with pipes, gears, or circuitry and I'll be a happy Chad!!

LG2 coloring is underway!