Secret Summer

I'm really busy right now, so just a quick check in.  I'm working on a couple of projects that I have to keep the lid on for now, but I have a couple of images to share.  I've been working on a pretty exciting minicomic project that I CAN'T wait to talk about, but in the meantime, its construction is draining every last drop of strength from my body...

Metal Metro leads a group of aid workers to the robot conflict site from the night before.


Bad Mask Roll Call 6

Assemble, members of the international mischief coalition!  BAD MASK!  Things are busy as always here in Vermont, but here are some crooks to occupy your Wednesday!

 Areo Mask / Avia Mask: A master of the aviary arts, Areo has an indeterminate number of birds at his command.  Some he uses for reconnaissance, some for transportation, and some for attack.  Because his abilities can be applied to a wide variety of departments, Areo Mask was put in charge of the Adaptive Response Provisional Unit.  He is also the brother of Acro Mask.
 PH Mask: A disgraced professor from the University of Texas, PH Mask is an experts in extreme acids.  Using Bad Mask's advanced chemical division labs, PH Mask has been able to create acids whose acidity goes beyond the measurable PH scale.  One in particular, the Hyphonis, cannot be extinguished once exposed to oxygen.

 Xento Mask: Eruido 244 came from the Planet Xento to Earth in 1994.  Attached to crime as one of Earth's great pastimes, Eruido threw in with Bad Mask.  His advanced intellect and fast reflexes make him an exceptional agent.  Xento Mask, despite his love of crime as a hobby, firmly believes in the Space Code of Certain Secrets (SCCS) and has forbidden himself from disclosing any information on advanced Xento technology, Metatron Trade Routes, etc.


Pinball Poster!

Hello!  Normally, when I do work for the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association, I have to wait a month or two until the event happens to let you guys know about it!  This poster I did for the 16th World Championships was released right away, though!  I'm super pumped!  I'm working on some more pinball goodies, as well as MEZMER pages (I'm up to 60).  Sorry I've been so imcommunicado on the web, but there's too much fun stuff happening!

Also, if you live in the Pittsburgh area, you should ATTEND PAPA 16!!