To pick up Jon Chad minicomics, you can now go to the fine small press distributor known as Radiator Comics, run by the formidable Neil Brideau!  Visit the Jon Chad page HERE, and make sure to check out all the other amazing artists!

Bikeman Issue 1
44 Pages, Color Cover - $5.00
In this first chapter of the Bikeman story we follow along as two bike riders from the forest village of La Cartha try to trade bikes with the mysterious Bikeman.  They soon find that the Bikeman has a magic over bikes that have caused them to come alive!

Bikeman Issue 2
64 Pages, Color Cover - $5.00
UH OH!  In this chapter of Bikeman, we find that not everyone in the forest respects the Bikeman and the excellent bikes he shepherds.  Brakso Ludado, the manhunter, has returned to La Cartha, and he wants the Bikeman dead.  There are also creatures in the forest who mean the Bikeman harm; old, ancient enemies of him and his family.

Bikeman Issue 3
44 Pages, Color Cover - $5.00
The Bikeman's home and safety are shattered when terrible violence comes to him and threatens his whole herd.  It's not all bad, though!  A benevolent bike hides in the darkness and is ready to help the Bikeman.

Bikeman Issue 4
54 Pages, Color Cover - $5.00
Back in the village La Cartha, Pedl worries about the Bikeman, and the intentions of Brasko, the manhunter.  No one else seems to be worried about what Brasko might do, not even Pedl's own father.

Bikeman Issue 5
54 Pages, Color Cover - $5.00
Deep in the forest, the wolves and their pup start to put their plan in motion to capture the wild bike.  Pedl rushes through the forest to warn the Bikeman about Brasko's intent to kill him, but nothing will deter Brasko and his gang...

The BAD-ventures of Bobo Backslack
24 Pages, Screen-Printed Cover
OH GEEZ!  There is no one as unlucky in all of North Dakota as Bobo Backslack.  Born under the unluckiest of stars, his life is the worst.  In this story, Bobo wants to muster up the courage to talk to his secret crush.  He's given the advice to experiment with "liquid courage", to disastrous results.  This is a pretty gross story.

The Ruby
12 Pages, Screen-Printed Belly Band and Fold-Out Insert
This is my humble attempt at a horror story.  A young man traveling with his Grandma and his Grandpa's ashes finds out that not ever tall tale his Grandpa told was false.  Things get super-duper haunted, super-duper fast.

5 Pages, Screen-Printed and Die-Cut 
This is an expanding tale of aquatic, urban expansion.  If you're feeling bland if you want a plan to get away, this is where you got to go!  This escalate quickly!


  1. A quick question: when will Bobo Backslack be in print for purchase again?

    1. Oh Geez! Sorry for not getting this sooner! There is actually a full graphic novel version of Bobo Backlack out NOW from AdHouse Books!