Phew, did everyone survive the Ides of March?  All I know is that THIS JC always watches his back!  My friends try to invite me to the senate house, and I give them a firm NO.  They'd have to get up much earlier in the morning to pull one over ol' Jon Chad!!

Anyway, I was poking through some of the Leo Geo illustrations that I colored for practice before I started coloring Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis, and I found this bookmark that I made.  I am REALLY into the lettering.  Separately, I like cutting away at lettering, and doubling up lettering, so doing both is like a dream come true!


Under the Sea

I found this colored pencil drawing that I did back in the summer.  Leo would have the best time underwater.  I'm sure that at first he would be resistant to the idea, but once he got to the bottom and starting snooping around underground fissures, he would be in Leo Geo heaven!
Just like space, there's a real freedom as to what you can draw in an DEEP sea environment.  We've already found so many wild varieties of creatures, WHO KNOWS what's down there : )


Spot the Difference

I was going through the archives of Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis images, and I found these two that are a sample of the SAME page on the Matt Data side of the book!  The first is from the sample spread I made when I was pitching the book.  The second is from the final book.  There is SO MUCH that's different about these two!  I had no idea how I was going to render stars...I ended up rendering portals differently...and there's a giraffe with money in the final version!

I really liked that mischievous alien making faces at the astronaut, so I ended up putting him in several point throughout the book.