Notes for New Scientists

As I get ready for the onslaught of conventions that are coming up, I'm trying to put a couple last things together!  One of my secret side projects precipitated this weekend was the Fizzmont Institute New Scientist Orientation Notebook.  I've been really enamored with Scout Books recently and thought to myself, "Jonch, you could probably MAKE these yourself," so I put my mind to putting one together for Leo Geo.  I got this REALLY sweet paper from Joann's Fabrics that had a canvas-like texture to it.  As I was laying out the notebook, I couldn't bring myself to just throw some blank pages into a cover and call it a day, so I drew a comic that prompts the bearer of said notebook to run some experiments.  I also threw in some spot illustrations.

"But how can I get my marinara-covered mitts on one of these beauts?" I hear you cry.  First, WASH YOUR HANDS!  Second, this, as well as other Fizzmont / Leo Geo related prints and minicomics will only be available at shows, so drop on by!


Spring Conventions!

Happy Wednesday, internet!  Things have been (as always) busy here at Fizzmont HQ.  I've been getting my ducks in a row for all the spring conventions that are going on.  I will FOR SURE be at the following conventions:

MoCCA, NYC: April 28-29
TCAF, Toronto: May 5-6
CAKE, Chicago: June 16-17

At MoCCA, superstar Robyn Chapman and I will be holding a workshop about accordion and unfolding comics:

Sunday the 29th, 12:30 CCS Presents: The Expanding Comic Workshop

If you think that a comic book is just a bunch of pages between two
covers, think again!  There is a wide variety of book making
techniques that allow you to fold, flip, and turn your comics in
unusual ways. Jon Chad, author of Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey
Through the Center of the Earth, will team up with comics educator
Robyn Chapman to introduce three unique book forms. Then the workshop
participants will construct and illustrate their own expanding comic
books! ROOM B

Alec Longstreth and I will be tabling together for MoCCA, and we'll have a new issue of our pinball zine, Drop Target, fresh from the zine-making oven!  Naturally, I'll be toting around copies of Leo Geo, some Leo Geo extras, and some chapters from my Bikeman graphic novel.

Phew, between that, and CCS commencement, I'm going to be a tired buckaroo.  That's a lot of chances to see Jon Chad!!

Can you dig it?!



The Fizzmont Auxiliary Imaging Division is pleased to announce that our joint efforts with the Human Gross-Out and Sadness Coalition have turned out to be a complete success!  Last night, at 6:15pm, while listening to THIS SONG, I finished page 180 of my newest graphic novel, The BAD-ventures of Bobo Backslack!!  This book chronicles the horribly unlucky life of North Dakota's most wretched resident, Bobo Backslack.  It seems like EVERYONE hate Bobo; humans, animals, ghosts, YOU NAME IT!

I've been working on this book seriously since last fall, but the first 21 pages were done as part of the second I Know Joe Kimpel 4Square anthology, "NO" back in 2009 (?)  The book was written very episodically, so the hardest part was lacing up everything snugly into one over-arching narrative. 

Is this book weird?  Assuredly.  Is it a total gross-out story?  Most definitely.  It's just FUN!  I was lucky enough to get my ducks in a row in order to apply to the last Xeric Self-Publishing Grant.  For the time being, I'm playing the waiting game, but a book is designed and is forthcoming, it's just a question of WHEN!  I'll keep you all in the loop!

Dear Baha Men, please don't sue me!

Eyes bustin' out of glasses is the funniest thing ever!

The happy book-daddy.


Photos from a reading!

Hello!  The signing at the Center for Cartoon Studies went well last week!  These aren't pictures from that, though.  These are pictures from that reading I did in Winooski!  Look how animated I am!  Look how my limbs fling about like a scarecrow in the wind!


Leo Geo Signing and Bobo Backslack Reading!

Hello my little gems of the internet.  The Fizzmont Department of Exhibitions and Glamor Shots has been really on my back to keep this a secret, but I can't anymore!  I will be doing a signing with the inexhaustibly talented Joe Lambert this Friday, April 6th, from 5-6:30pm.  It will be at the center for Cartoon Studies (94 South Main Street, White River Junction, VT).  Swing on by and I'll write you the quadratic formula in your copy of Leo Geo!

More info on CCS's jam-packed First Friday can be found HERE

At 6:30pm, CCS faculty R.Sikoryak will be leading a comics reading presentation by a bevy of CCS students, faculty, and alumni...including ME!  I will be doing a reading, but NOT from Leo Geo.  Instead, I will be presenting a section of my soon to be finished (2 weeks!) graphic novel, The BAD-ventures of Bobo Backslack.  It's a humorous story about an unfortunate, squat, yet well-meaning man that has the worst luck imaginable.  OH GEEZ!

What a lineup!  It's going to be a blast!  I finished my slideshow, and all I need to do is get the sound effects recorded.  Time to dust off the old tape recorder!  Come on down!