Notes for New Scientists

As I get ready for the onslaught of conventions that are coming up, I'm trying to put a couple last things together!  One of my secret side projects precipitated this weekend was the Fizzmont Institute New Scientist Orientation Notebook.  I've been really enamored with Scout Books recently and thought to myself, "Jonch, you could probably MAKE these yourself," so I put my mind to putting one together for Leo Geo.  I got this REALLY sweet paper from Joann's Fabrics that had a canvas-like texture to it.  As I was laying out the notebook, I couldn't bring myself to just throw some blank pages into a cover and call it a day, so I drew a comic that prompts the bearer of said notebook to run some experiments.  I also threw in some spot illustrations.

"But how can I get my marinara-covered mitts on one of these beauts?" I hear you cry.  First, WASH YOUR HANDS!  Second, this, as well as other Fizzmont / Leo Geo related prints and minicomics will only be available at shows, so drop on by!

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