5 Years of Bags

When I first printed Leo Geo, I was OBSESSED on putting the minicomic in a bag.  Fate had deemed it so!  The mini measured 4.25" x 13"; almost the EXACT dimensions of a kraft quart liquor bag.  I was living in Savannah at the time, and a real noob when it came to getting my hands on production materials.  So it was perfectly logical to 2007 Jon Chad that the ONLY logical place to get a kraft quart liquor bag was the liquor store.  I rode out to a local store a couple miles from the center of town and found my supplier in a liquor store clerk named Bubba.  He was willing to sell me bags at 5 cents a pop.  I went on buying bags from him in batches of 50 or 100 until I figured that I should just bite the bullet and buy the bags in bulk myself.  I found a paper vendor in town and purchased 500 bags for $15 (3 cents a bag!  you can see that the color of the bags changes!).

In 2009, when Leo Geo got picked up, the first thing I had to do was STOP selling the minicomic Leo Geo IMMEDIATELY.  Since then, my bag production hasn't been as frequent, but I still try to roll out new bags for the new hardcover Leo Geo, as well as use it for other projects such as pinball prints.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  Tonight I printed my last bag : (  I found myself getting more emotional than the situation probably warranted.  I don't know, it just hit me in a weird place.  I don't buy ink in large bottles or bristol in large pads, so this is the closest thing I have as a watermark of my time in the game.  It's like counting the rings of a tree.
Here's to you, bag bundle!  You won't be the only bundle of bags I'll print, but you'll always be my first!