Sorry for being so bad at posting, amigos, but I've been over the barrel with all sorts of different stuff.  The semester at CCS is entering its last couple of weeks, so my work there has ramped up.  I've got some big announcements coming up, and a really fun new project I've been diving into head first!  I've been tapping into a weird, Power-Ranger-loving part of my brain and drawing these really fun sci-fi stories.  I've done a lot of really off-ball stories as part of different anthologies over the years, and I wanted to create a larger story that would allow me to tie them together.  I'm trying to keep this really casual, so I let little stories be as short or as long as they need to be.  Some of the pages are prose speeches by characters, some are spot illustrations, diagrams, maps, blueprints, whatever!  I'm trying to tell a larger, more integrated story with a wide gamut of devices, not just comic pages. 

This is the page that started it all.  I truthfully don't plan to post stories from it up here just yet, but I just wanted to share what I've been up to.