Let the Games Begin

Things are starting to pick up steam here at the Fizzmont Auxiliary Imaging Division.  In LESS THAN A MONTH, the first official fully-illustrated Fizzmont experiment is going to be released in Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  I'm serious, I CAN'T.  The Fizzmont Secrets Squad is watching me super duper closely!

Also, I'm pleased to announce that I will be doing an artist talk as part of my show that I have up at the Center for Cartoon Studies with CCS alumni and all-around great guy, Joe LambertThere will be open gallery hours FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd from 5-8pm with a talk from yours truly at 6pm.  NERVOUS!!  I anticipate that I am going to be trying to do as many events and whatnot as possible in the upcoming month, so I'll be sure to keep you all

In the midst of all this brouhaha, you can imagine how surprised I was when Hank Handy, one of Dr. Leo Geo's assistants came into my office and sheepishly pushed a box onto my desk with an old IBM Aptiva computer and a handful of games on floppy disc.  He said that Dr. Geo wanted me to take the afternoon off and try out these old games.  There was a copy of Word Muncher in the box, along with Ski Free and Chip's challenge, just to name a few.  WHAT A TREAT!  I eagerly agreed and hooked the computer right up and booted up the games.  It wasn't like I remember...

I should have known!  Leo and Matt Data were experimenting with some sort of Tron-you-go-into-the-computer-type-setup.  Leo always keeps me on my feet!


010110101 - Cover Blueprints

Hello and well come to the Fizzmont Institute for Rad Science.  I am FizzMAC, the super computer in charge of run-ning all of the a-maze-ing x-periments here at the Institute.  Jon Chad has asked me to search through my sizable archives for a sample of art from when the cover of Leo Geo nd his Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth was being designed.  I have complied with this easy request and have found too pages of sketches of possible cover ideas.

Ah, human art!  So lush yet so...unrefined.  I should give Jon Chad credit, though; these are only meant to be sketches.  I don't see the final cover amongst them, so there must be more sketches and ideas.  It is not uncommon for an artist to go thru dozens of sketches before settling on a final design.

That is all for now.  Be nice to your computer!


Fresh from Quarentine

Despite a brush with disease here at the Auxiliary Imaging Division, the Fizzmont Contagion Control Team has cleared us to release images of a new piece printed right here in White River Junction.  Behold, the Fizzmont Institute bookmark:
One side of these immaculate literary placeholders was letterpressed at the Dartmouth Letterpress Studio in Hanover, NH.  The open sessions are run by Bob Metzler, and he has always been super rad and welcoming!  Each bookmark was handstamped at the bottom to mark their number in the edition.  The reverse side was printed with a two-color screenprint.  Both passes incorporated half-toning.  That's why there appears to be a fade with the yellow pass, and varying degrees of density with the blue pass.  Last month I printed some cats for some non-Fizzmont related projects, and ever since I've been interested in doing half-tone printing.  My goal is to eventually work my way up to full-blown 4-color process printing.  Keep well everyone!
Also, I got a nice little mention in a Beat article about the Library Association Mid-Winter Meeting in Dallas, Texas.  You can read it HERE.