Fresh from Quarentine

Despite a brush with disease here at the Auxiliary Imaging Division, the Fizzmont Contagion Control Team has cleared us to release images of a new piece printed right here in White River Junction.  Behold, the Fizzmont Institute bookmark:
One side of these immaculate literary placeholders was letterpressed at the Dartmouth Letterpress Studio in Hanover, NH.  The open sessions are run by Bob Metzler, and he has always been super rad and welcoming!  Each bookmark was handstamped at the bottom to mark their number in the edition.  The reverse side was printed with a two-color screenprint.  Both passes incorporated half-toning.  That's why there appears to be a fade with the yellow pass, and varying degrees of density with the blue pass.  Last month I printed some cats for some non-Fizzmont related projects, and ever since I've been interested in doing half-tone printing.  My goal is to eventually work my way up to full-blown 4-color process printing.  Keep well everyone!
Also, I got a nice little mention in a Beat article about the Library Association Mid-Winter Meeting in Dallas, Texas.  You can read it HERE.

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