Happy Wednesday from all of us here in the Fizzmont Imaging Division!  Things have been really busy both here at the institute, but also at my day job teaching at the Center for Cartoon Studies.  We are one week into our spring semester, and my students are neck deep into their first project; the Silver Age Project.  The basis is this: the students break off into groups of 7 and create a comics with the look, feel, and coloring limitations of 1967, but with the narrative know-how of today!  I was asked to be an editor for the Swords and Sorcery group and nearly fell out of my chair to accept.  My students are really kicking butt, and the book is shaping up really well.  Did I mention that it's a full-color, 36-page book?  And that they have 2 weeks to do it?  Hardcore.

This sort of comics chrono-displacement has gotten a lot of traction here at the institute, and has sparked a committee for Visual Narratives Historical Studies and Recreation.  It's basically an excuse for me, Leo, and Dr. Wurada to read some old comics and compare them to comics today.

ANYWHO, in the midst of this tomfoolery, there has been a glut of testing going on here at the institute.  Dr. Leo Geo wanted me to draw up an illustration of one of his more recent tests so that he could better explain it to his mom.  I like how it turned out.