Yesterday was my Birthday!  I got a couple cards in the mail, which is always nice.  Usually, I'm the one mailing out stuff.  Whenever there's a lull here in the Imaging Department, Leo Geo will come down and ask me to work up some new letterhead or correspondence material.  I hit one of these lulls last week, and, like clockwork, Leo poked his head in and asked if I could make an envelope that he could use to send out some reports.  Here's the original art:

Obviously, I was trying to keep with the geology motif.  Those stray marks that you see around the return address were test strokes that I made with my Hunt 102 Crow Quill while I was drawing.  Although I was happy with the outcome, I still needed to bring the art into Photoshop and clean it up before I could screen-print the envelopes.  Here's the end result:
This is a one-color screen-print.  The light tan is the printed color, and the brown is the color of the paper.  In some instances, like the lines where you write the sender address, you can see that the paper color actually serves as lineart.

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