Needless to say, as an employee of the Fizzmont Institute, I am completely enamored with science!  Below are just a few of the amazing science-related things I've found on the web.

Radiolab - A great science podcast that explores a variety of subjects!
Stuff You Should Know - Jason Clark and Chuck Bryant inform listeners on a myriad of topics. 
Bill Nye the Science Guy - His guy knows his science!  I wish he worked here at the institute!
NASA - Space is very alluring to me in its vastness and deadly beauty. - A great site with a wealth of

Julie Chen - A book artist that is doing something really interesting with the science of reading.
Chemistry Rap - A great song about acids and bases.
"Pup" - A comic by Drew Weing that takes advantage of the infinite internet canvas! 
Mariana Trench, to SCALE! - WHOA!!

Aaron Renier
Alec Longstreth
Alexis Frederick-Frost
Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson
Beth Hetland
Brett Muller
Bryan Stone
Chuck McBuck
Claire Sanders 
Coleman Engle
Colleen Frakes
Dave Valeza
Denis St. John
Emily Sauter
Gabby Schultz
Jason Lutes
Jason Shiga
Jen Vaughn 
Jeremy Sorese
Joe Lambert
Jose-Luis Olivares
Katherine Roy
Laura Terry
Micheal Jewell
Ned Hugar 
Nomi Kane
Penina Gal
Pranas Naujokaitis
Robyn Chapman
Steve Bissette
Tugboat Press