Booklist Review for Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis

Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis.
Chad, Jon (Author) , Chad, Jon (Illustrator)
Nov 2013. 40 p. Roaring Brook, hardcover, $16.99. (9781596438224). 741.5.
Leo Geo is happily puttering around the Fizzmont Institute for Rad Science when he gets some alarming news from his trusty computer, Fizzcom: a comet is headed right to the Fizzmont Orbital Science facility, where Leo’s brother, Matt Data, lives! Determined to rescue him, Leo hops in his spaceship and sets out to help his bro. Meanwhile, at the other end of the book, Matt Data has detected a fatal error in Fizzcom’s programming: soon he will malfunction and start performing bad experiments instead of rad experiments. So Matt sets off in his spaceship to save Leo from his renegade computer. Where do they meet? Right in the middle, naturally. But not before explaining propulsion engines, supernovas, and a handful of other science concepts, all while battling space pirates (of course). Chad’s frenetic and lushly colored illustrations depict Matt’s and Leo’s riotous romps through space as a universe of tiny details swirls around in their wake. Another rollicking, playful science adventure, following Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey through the Center of the Earth (2012).
— Sarah Hunter

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