Leo Geo Show Now Up!!

I'm proud to announce, on behalf of the Fizzmont Department of Exhibitions and Glamor Shots that a Leo Geo show is currently exhibiting at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT.  This show consists of the various steps that it took for Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth to become a real book!  Everything from the original 1-hour minicomic to the original minicomic made while interning at the Center for Cartoon Studies to the final Roaring Brook version.  Also included are the pages that were cut and didn't make it into the new version of Leo Geo.  There is also an exhibit on how some pages were refined and re-crafted. 

Also in this amazing show is the infinitely talented Joe Lambert.  Together with his impeccable pages and process notes/sketches from his upcoming book Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller, our show is called "Science & Silence".  The show will run through end of February every Saturday from 10am-2pm (or by appointment with me : ), and there will be a First Friday event at the Center for Cartoon Studies on Friday, February 3rd.  More info on that later, though.  For now, below are some pictures from the hanging process:

(turning old 2007 pages into GREAT 2011 pages!  Is there a machine that could help with that?)

(original Leo and the Snake on the far left with Leo Geo Covers)

(the show's almost up!)

(pages on the wall without the glass)

(all of the process and graphical assets needed to make the cover)

Again, I'd like to thank Joe for putting this show together with me.  There's a really great cross-section of both style and process that I think the students especially will REALLY dig.

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