010110101 - Cover Blueprints

Hello and well come to the Fizzmont Institute for Rad Science.  I am FizzMAC, the super computer in charge of run-ning all of the a-maze-ing x-periments here at the Institute.  Jon Chad has asked me to search through my sizable archives for a sample of art from when the cover of Leo Geo nd his Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth was being designed.  I have complied with this easy request and have found too pages of sketches of possible cover ideas.

Ah, human art!  So lush yet so...unrefined.  I should give Jon Chad credit, though; these are only meant to be sketches.  I don't see the final cover amongst them, so there must be more sketches and ideas.  It is not uncommon for an artist to go thru dozens of sketches before settling on a final design.

That is all for now.  Be nice to your computer!

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