Oh my GLOB, you guys, I can finally let this puma out of the sack!  I can let this lion out of the purse!  I can let this catamount out of its backpack!  I was asked, back in April, by the good people at BOOM! studios to design and print a minicomic for Adventure Time!  I am an intense fan of the show, and I was only too pleased to tackle the project!  

I have made a lot of minicomics in my day, but I have never been contracted to make one for someone else.  I can't say how many of these I printed, but rest assured, IT WAS A LOT.  Easily heads and shoulders beyond any print run I have ever dreamed of.  Here's a video that I was asked to make to help explain the minicomic, and the particulars of how it is constructed:

So, as the video indicated, I will be in attendance at Comic Con THIS WEEK to help spread the minicomic gospel.  What I'm most excited about, hands down, is being able to interact with people who aren't used to seeing this kind of work.  I'm not an idiot; I realize that the majority of people have never seen a minicomic, let alone one with unconventional construction.  I am equal parts excited and terrified of Comic Con, so stop on by to let me know everything will be OK.

Here's my signing schedule!
1:30-2:30 Signing at BOOM! table 2743

11:00-12:00 Signing at BOOM! table 2743
3:00-4:00 Signing at MacKids table 1220 (for Leo Geo!)

1:30-2:30 Signing at BOOM! table 2743


  1. Really diggin the Celtic knotwork duck necks on that cover, Jonny!!

  2. Awesome. I will be picking one of these up from you!