Leo Geo 2 Update

Hello, faithful arbiters of science!  I'm coming up for air VERY BRIEFLY to let you know how Leo Geo 2 is coming along!  In a word: great!  In 5 words: I am SUPER-DUPER busy!!  These past two weeks have been an inking whirlwind, but I finished this past weekend!  Now I just have miles and miles of coloring ahead of me!

Oh boy, oh boy!  Look at all those pages!  All the engine trails and ancillary effects are on separate pages, but those are done too!  Other than the adventures of Leo and Matt, I've been wrapping up summer workshops at CCS with Alec Longstreth.  It's been a long haul, but the students have been producing such a high caliber of work that it's been spurring me on and lighting that fire in my belly! 

I haven't even recapped you guys on how SD Comic Con was!  ugh!  Not enough hours in the day, am I right!  I'll make it up to you guys!  This is busy season, but it's going to be such a rad book when it's out!

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