Happy Readers!

Hello!  I finally feel like I am out of the weeds here at the Fizzmont Auxiliary Division.  Convention season is slowing down and I'm starting to get into the flow of summer.  There are some big things planned here at Jon Chad HQ.  I'm working on a new Leo Geo book (!!!), a secret minicomic project, and getting back into the saddle with Bikeman thumbnails!

The conventions have been a blast!  Thanks to everyone that came out to the monster drawing workshop this past weekend in Maine!  I had a great time!  Seeing kids' reaction to my book and getting to talk to them has been a real joy.  Here are some of those happy readers from MOCCA and MeCAF!

I've heard that the first printing of Leo Geo is quickly evaporating, and that a second printing is on its way from the book mines!  How exciting!  I've got more to share, but I'll pace it out!  Have a great weekend!

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