T Minus 5 Days?!

This is getting tense you guys!  Well, I promised treats for all my little science beasties, and here at the Fizzmont Institute, we keep our word (or else the Secrets and Secretions Division sends us grumpy notes)!  As some of you might know, I post illustrations on the blog for Stern Pinball (the only manufacturers of pinball in the world)!  Well, in celebration of Leo Geo being released NEXT TUESDAY, I decided to try my hand at designing a Leo Geo pinball machine.  I love the science, physics, and electronics behind pinball.  If I had my druthers, I would do a book about THAT someday, but I'll have to talk to the boys at the Applied-Physics-are-Phun Department.  I wouldn't be surprised if they already had a machine!  Without further ado, Leo Geo pinball:
Phew, that's a lot of pinball!  You can read the entire post on the Stern Blog HERE to get a little explanation of the game, and another image!  Yay Pinball!

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