Hello!  It is my greatest pleasure to let you all know that Leo Geo and his Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth is out TODAY!  This book has been a part of my life for almost five years now, and it has come a long way from the one-hour zine, to minicomic, to finished book.  The goal of the project has never changed, though; present non-fiction with the framing of fiction in an interesting way.  It was also a formal experiment: create a long visually-continuous narrative that changes reading directions.  What's really interesting is that the concept of the book being an experiment in-and-of itself made the whole process cyclical; using an experiment to draw an experiment.  I'm really looking forward to these upcoming weeks and seeing the reaction to the book, especially from kids.

I've got tons of big things in the old Jon Chad book lab, but for right now, I'm enjoying having Leo Geo released to the masses.  Yay science!!

You can pick up Leo Geo from Amazon HERE

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