T Minus 6 Days!?

EEP!  Things are getting pretty tense here at the Institute.  In less than ONE WEEK, Leo Geo and his Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth will be out and ready for consumption by the scientific public!

The gallery talk that I gave last Friday went very well.  It was a lot of fun to articulate how I made the book, and the narrative and visual restrictions I put on myself.  It was also really interesting to compile the images for the talk and look at the early, EARLY drafts of LG, alongside the finished images.  Here is a pic of yours truly jabbering away!  I recorded my talk, but found out later that the camera I was using was sub-par.  Next time I'll get a good video, though!

Tomorrow I have a special treat from you all that will gingerly sit in the center of my venn diagram of interests.  Stay tuned!

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