More Robots!

I don't think these even need any sort of pretense anymore.  I love robots.  Deal with it.  Here is some fanart from one of my favorite giant robots, Big Duo, from the show Big O.  The three most powerful robots in the Big O series are Big O (a land-based robot), Big Duo (a robot that can sort of transform into a prop plane and fly), and Big Fau (a water-based, submarine-type robot).  This idea of having three robots that are each masters of a different type of battle field is not a new idea, but it's one that I'm completely in love with.  So much so, that the three great monsters from the Bikeman world are modeled in the fashion (the Monster from the Lands Beyond, the Monster from the Skies Above, and the Monsters from the Seas Below).  Any way, here's Big Duo.

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  1. FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Big Duo is my all time favorite mecha. :3 It's pilot is clearly a reference to Friedrich Nietzsche, my favorite philosopher, and the mecha itself is obviously paying homage to the Red Barons Fokker triplane fighter. :) Good work. Youv'e done this magnificent machine (and it's pilot) justice. ^_^ BIG DUO!!!!!! EST IST SHOWZEIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD