Bad Mask Roll Call 1

I've been having a blast recently drawing villains that are part of the International Mischief Coalition, Bad Mask.  Founded by the infamous prankster Cababo Mask, Bad Mask is committed to making the world an uncomfortable place to live in.  Each member of Bad Mask has forsaken their name and their past in the pursuit of evil.  They come from all corners of the globe, and contribute their own unique abilities to Bad Mask.

Rooge Mask- In charge of all money-based crimes and schemes.  Easily one of the best marksmen in Bad Mask, but also, surprisingly, one of the fastest.

Brass Mask- One of the newest and youngest members of Bad Mask.  His impulsiveness and enthusiasm was at first seen as a detriment, but is now treasured in the ranks of Bad Mask.  Although he always seems to be injured, his fast-healing abilities makes him the peak of physical form.

Paruda Mask- Bad Mask's general of the occult.  In recent years, Bad Mask has become increasingly reliant on Paruda's connection to the spirit world and his mastery of mischief magic, meschevermancy. 

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