Bad Mask Roll Call 2

Quickly!  Assemble the agents of evil, BAD MASK!  This week, some of the original members of Bad Mask, as well as some of the most mysterious, are revealed!

Edison Mask: Edison Mask is the oldest member of Bad Mask's scientific department, and the most experienced in chemical solvents.  The super-acids he has created has aided Bad Mask in gaining entry to many secure locations.  Being one of the most senior members, he knows more about Bad Mask's ultimate goal, the completion of Project TenDOE, than any other member, other than Bad Mask himself

Black Mask: Black Mask is the only member of Bad mask that is allowed to not wear the trademark red mask.  Black Mask is not human, but is rather a specter.  Being such, he serves directly under Paruda Mask.  He serves as Paruda's eyes and ears on missions that Paruda Mask cannot be present for.

Maser Mask: An engineering genius, Maser Mask is in charge of weapons development.  However, he is extremely skittish in dangerous situations, so he rarely goes out on missions, or sees his creations actually used in the field.

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