Bikeman Update!

Hello faithful reader(s)!  I just wanted to check in to let you all know where I am with Bikeman, as well as my other projects!  First of, I know I've been yammering about this all summer, but I have been hard at work on the sequel to Leo Geo, Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis.  It's been a long road, but things are finally starting to wrap up! I've submitted my art, and only have a few loose ends.  VERY EXCITING.

In the meantime, I have been starting to do Bikeman pages again!  I've finished 21 pages since I've had the time to do so, and I had forgotten how much I LOVE this story.  Also, I'd forgotten how arduous it is to draw all those little trees and leaves, but I digress.  Now, if you remember, I stopped posting Bikeman pages a long time ago because I was afraid of catching up to myself.  I have 4 issues out right now, which cover the first 200 pages of the story.  Additionally, besides the pages I've been recently doing, I have enough Bikeman pages for 2 more issues.  There will be a new issue coming out this
spring!  Above is a sketch of one of the main baddies, Brasko Ludado, that I colored for fun.

A recent page!  Moving on, here's a quick update on Bobo Backslack...it still exists.  I'm extremely passionate about the book, and have been showing it around to people.  By hook or by crook, it WILL be a book (hey, that rhymes!)!  Trust me, Bobo is a special little guy that requires a special home.  He will have it though, by golly!

Ahhh, now let's talk about pinball.  It warms the recesses of my cold heart to even type those words.  Since Alec has moved to the West Coast, it requires a bit more coordination between us to get our DTZ issues together.  While we didn't have one for the fall shows, we are DEFINITELY going to have one for the spring shows!  Get pumped!  Also, I've been feeling like a rat that Alec has been handling the brunt of the DTZ blog posts, so I've been recommitting myself to getting some rad pinball art up on the BLOG.

What else is going on...well, Alec and I have still been blogging for Stern.  If you look at the listings of ALL the Stern blog posts in the past year, EASILY 98% of them are Alec and I.  We are nearly the only Stern Bloggers,  which is rad.

Phew, well, that seems like that's it.  I've got a lot on the old Jon Chad plate (aside from teaching/staff duties at CCS) but it's a lot of fun.  I've also been kicking around ideas for another Leo Geo book, so I've always got my eyes on the future!  Onwards!

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  1. No worries about the DTZ blog. It should be something we do for fun, not out of obligation. Though I will say I'm pumped to see some of the posts you have queued up! I need to jump back in there too... maybe this week. It's exciting to hear you're working on Bikeman again!