Horora Tagigo

Remember the giant robot poster I made a month or two back?  Well, I was just doodling, and I ended up doing some fanart of said robot, Horora Tagigo (which means "Terrible Dawn" in Esperanto)  Enjoy!

I'm totally not sold on how I've been handling these backgrounds.  I think I either need to fully flesh them out, or leave them blank like the Big Duo image.  I think these gradients that I've been putting in look lame.

1 comment :

  1. The shift in color balances the image, I think (cool color bot pops against warm red, warm color dude pops against cool color sky). If you aren't sold on the straight gradient look, you could break it up in the transition between the colors, like the sky fades into reddish cloud shapes or you could use a subtle texture over it. I've found that cel shaded stuff tends to look nice over somewhat painterly/textured backgrounds ( a la 2D animated films), even if it's just a simple color transition

    Good stuff, as always!