Operation: Robo No Go

Sorry for the spat of silence from us here at the Fizzmont Institute.  Things got REALLY tense here for a little while.  A Code: Red All Stop was declared on ALL ongoing projects.  Everyone was called into  the Fizzmont HQ in Italy in order to rally all departments for a joint venture.

We were told at HQ that enemies of the Fizzmont Institute were planning something BIG.  We had reliable leads that indicated that the puppet companies Harada Robotics Design Coalition and Qhumlata Energy Drive Systems had been commissioned to design a giant robot for EVIL!  While I can't reveal the details of what went down, but nearly 90% of Fizzmont departments contributed to what is now being called Operation Robo No Go.  I'm happy to report that the operation was a complete success!  Not only did we cripple Qhumlata's ability to fabricate the necessary reactors, but we also obtained all 75 copies of the blueprints of the giant robot from Harada's lab.

Whoever was planning on building this robot is going to be out of luck!  I have to admit, even though the robot in the blueprints was meant for evil, it's a pretty sweet image.  I have been given permission by the Fizzmont Institute to sell off the extra blueprints, with the stipulation that I don't sell them to the forces of evil.  No problem!  I'm going to have these classified documents for sale at the upcoming MICE comics show this weekend in Boston!  You should come by and say hi!  This is my fist time at MICE, and I've heard its a totally awesome show.  

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