SPX or Science Propagation eXperiment

Hello!  This week classes are starting up at the Center for Cartoon Studies.  It's been great to see all those bright-eyed and bushy tailed 1st years jumping into the curriculum.  I can't wait to see what they come up!

Well, things have cooled down with LG2, thankfully, so I've had time to unwind with some pinball and Leo Geo illustrations.  I've got a nice buffer of blog fodder.  In other news, I'm going to be hitting the road this weekend; the road...to Bethesda, MD, for the Small Press Exposition!  This is one of my favorite shows of the year.  I feel like I haven't gotten the chance to be as excited as I could be, but let me tell YOU, once I get in that car, and the rubber hits the road, this Chad is going to be P-U-M-P-E-D.  Naturally, I'll have copies of Leo Geo on me, as well as issues of Bikeman and the Bobo Backslack dummy (if you really want to read about a guy living in a snake, kissing cats).  For the third year in a row (hat trick!) I'll be tabling with the beyond talented Colleen Frakes and Laura Terry!  I can't think of a more deadly 3-headed beast!  "But JON CHAD?!" I hear you cry, "where can I find this majestic amalgamation of talent?"  Ha ha, ASK AND YE SHALL RECIEVE!  I swiped this map from Colleen!
We're right by the entrance at J3!  Pretty choice!  Come by and say hi!!

Anywho, I was combing through some old photos at the Fizzmont Institute and I came across this little gem taken back in 2002:
You can see Leo Geo booting up our supercomputer that was built by his brother, Matt Data.  One of Leo's other siblings, Alan Aqua, is there on the right hand side.  FizzCOM (as he's since been renamed by the Department of Preemptive Legal Action Avoidance) had worked out GREAT ever since.  He manages to keep track of the wide variety of experiments going on here at the Institute.  Since I work mostly by a drawing desk, the only times I interact with him is when I visit the Scanning Division to scan original art.

Well, I hope to see you guys at SPX! 

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