MICE Workshop

No, unfurtunately I will NOT be conducting a drawing workshop for mice (the animal) this weekend.  I will be conducing a unfolding comics workshop for MICE (the comics fest) this weekend!!

Fold-Out Comics with Jon Chad
If you thought that a book is just made up of a cover, back cover, and all the business in-between, think again! There is a wide variety of folding and book construction techniques that can help create a truly unique reading experience. Jon Chad from the Center for Cartoon Studies will walk through the basics of comic-making and how to make your own unfolding minicomic!

I'm super-duper pumped and ready to go!  Come on down and see some great examples of some unfolding books, as well as make your own!  Also, I'll be selling those new-fangled robot blueprints that I printed earlier this week.  You'll get one FREE with a purchase of my book, Leo Geo, or it's just $5 on its own.  Just please...PLEASE don't sell these blueprints to the forces of evil!!

See you there!!

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