Bad Mask Roll Call 3

Assemble, members of the international mischief coalition!  BAD MASK!  Today's three members specialize in breaking and entering.  There is no bank, safe, or fortress that these three rascals can't get into!

Acro Mask: Acro Mask is a master acrobat and commands a physical prowess and sense of balance that is unmatched.  The only thing known about Acro's past is he was a wildly successful cat burglar for many years.  The special belt he wears is fitted with weights that can raise, lower, and redistribute around.  This coupled with his natural balancing ability makes it nearly impossible for Acro to be knocked over or stumble.

Electro Mask: She is a computing and programming whiz that can break any security code, render any defense system useless, and retroactively erase surveillance images.  Her age and advanced skills have made her arrogant and seemingly obsessed with crystals and what she calls, "crystal computing".

Boravo Mask: An ex-mining specialist, Boravo Mask can get though any sort of door, barrier or shield by means of the two drills that he has invented and operates like gloves.  Additionally, Boravo can break through electrical barriers and forcefields.  His drills can create resonance fields that negate such obstacles.

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