New Minis for SPX

If you thought the wild MEZMER was the only new mini I was bringing to SPX, you would be happily mistaken!  I was hoping that I would have copies of Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis to share with you all at SPX, but it looks like it won't be out in time : (  So, I redoubled my efforts to have some fun new minis!
First up is Leo Geo and the Long Snake!  This is a re-drawing of the original Leo Geo comic I drew back in 2007 when I was trying out the idea of a continuous visual canvas.  Up until now, I've only had the one hand drawn version on my shelf.  No longer!  Now, you too can see Leo go through a snake and not understand how a snake's anatomy works!

The next book is a little mini about one of my favorite MEZMER characters, Bluebell!  It started out simply as a book about Bluebell flying around and having fun, but it morphed into a story about how she met Ferls.  It's also about body positivity!!  It comes in this little ziplock bag with an original drawing from Bluebell to Ferls.  I drew 60 of these and had an absolute blast!

It's Bluebell!

The last book is Bud Sinclare's Death Speech.  Bud Sinclare is a ferocious denizen from the world of MEZMER!  He appears at the end of the MEZMER book that I've put together.  The only way that you can get your hands on this mini is to check out the second issue of the Dog City anthology!  I don't know if "issue" is the right world, though; since each is a box with over a dozen different components!  It's the real deal!!  This box set was put together by some students of mine, and it is really out of this world.  The first issue came out in spring and is already SOLD OUT!  Get it while it's hot!

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