Leo Geo Bag No. 1

I've just been cleared by the Fizzmont Packaging and Props Department to release some archive photos of the original packaging for Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth.  As I might have mentioned before, Leo Geo was originally a handmade minicomic.  There were some cool bells and whistles (some of which I'll show later) as well as some special packaging.  I discovered mostly by chance that the dimensions of Leo Geo would fit PERFECTLY into a kraft quart liquor bag!  Here is the art for the first bag design:

And here is the finished bag with the screenprint:

I had a real problem with putting the price of the book on the actual book itself, so having a bag allowed for a bit more real estate that I could put a price on.

In other news, Slate magazine released THIS really fun article online about robots.  That last spherical one is bonkers.  Thinking about robots has gotten me thinking about Big Dog, my favorite robot in recent memory.

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