Fizzmont Notepads

One of my least favorite times of the month is when Greg from the Fizzmont Immaculation Systems and Solutions Division comes down with one of his mandated cleaning days, and all of us here in the Imaging Division have to spend the day straightening up.  Right after the holidays, too!  Well, bad luck turned into good luck and I stumbled upon a couple of notepads I've made for various departments here at the institute.  Here's an image of some of my stationary for memos as well as a form for (what amounts to) employee complaints.

In my own personal illustration work, I'm really drawn (no pun intended) to dense, expressive, and textural drawings, but I've found that in my design work, I'm more inspired by a more sparse, Swiss-type style.  I'm also inspired by diagram-type layouts as exhibited in these artist books.

(Running a Secret Society by Jackie Batey)

(Office Orchestra by Andrea Chappell)

(Tide:Edit by David Faithful)

I'm really in love with handmade objects, and those memo pads are great little art pieces, as well as really useful.  If anyone is curious; the back of the notepads is chipboard from the back of my paper pads.  Also, each of those sheets were perforated so that they could be torn off easily.  The perforation was done by hand with my handheld perforator:
Well, that's all that I have for now.  I hope that you all had a nice holiday weekend!  According to an article on Wigan Today, the average person consumes 6000 Calories on Chirstmas day.  That's a lot!  That's 25104000 Joules of energy! 

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