Leo Geo Preorder Offer!

In March 2012, my first kids' comic, Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth, was published by Roaring Brook Press.  Just ONE MONTH from now, on November 5th, the sequel, Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis, will be available everywhere!  I cannot stress how excited I am for you all to read it!  In Cosmic Crisis, Leo rushes off to save his brother Matt Data from a comet, and on the other side, Matt Data heads out to save Leo!  Both stories meet in the middle, and you flip the book over to see what happens to each brother.  There's space pirates, worm holes, ca$h cats...it was a BLAST to draw!

To celebrate the release of Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis, I have put together a bundle of free goodies for those that preorder the book.  If you live in the US, can send me proof that you've preordered the book (either forward me your amazon.com email, or similar email from another online vendor, or take a screenshot of the preorder) and send me your address, I will send you this little bundle of goodies for FREE!  You can reach me at fizzmont@gmail.com!

Included in this package are three Leo Geo stickers, a copy of the minicomic that gave me the inspiration to write the first Leo Geo, Leo Geo and the Long Snake (where Leo traverses the inside of a snake and finds much more than he bargained for), and a copy of the star map from Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis that was CUT from book.  See the map that I loved so dearly!  The whole thing comes in a screen-printed envelope.

This preorder offer is limited to the first 50 people that contact me.  If you're too late but still want to preorder the book and get some goodies, email me!  After the first 50 packages go out, I will start sending a PDF of Leo Geo and the Long Snake, and a PDF of the star map!

Get pumped!

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