Bad Mask Roll Call 5

Assemble, members of the international mischief coalition!  BAD MASK!  Man oh man, internet.  I have been all over the place this past week!  I'm trying to take this week and really ground myself and get a good chunk of work done.  Some really amazing things are coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, here are a couple more of those loveable scamps that make up the infamous mischief coalition, BAD MASK!
 Moto Mask: The head of Bad Mask's motorcycle unit.  Despite his blatant disregard for authority, he is incredibly dependable, and regularly leads Bad Mask's "Learn to Fight and Punch and Punch" workshops on Fridays.

Jemm Mask:  OOOOOOoooo!  Precious Gems!  Originally part of Bad Mask's marksman program, Jemm Mask was exposed to high-powered microwaves refracted through a moon emerald.  Since then, Jemm Mask has had a sixth sense about the location of gems, and is an integral part of Bad Mask's sensory unit.

2174 Mask: A sample from the ranks of Bad Mask's Guild of Goons.  Not armed with any specific power other than a honed brawling ability, 2174 is among the many scores of fighters that can be chosen at a moment's notice to join a high-ranking Bad Mask Agent on a mission.

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